ever the creature of habit, i am an erstwhile erudite who still retains a link to his owling past, doing so despite the tuggings of life and jobs and other, lamentable distractions.  i live atop lake superior, in a bowl of land nestled between mount oberg and moose mountain.  each fall, i wade amidst a flood of migrating saw-whet owls, banding and releasing hundreds during the months of september and october.  once upon a time, during the springs of my life, i conducted breeding owl surveys, despite liberal doses of sleep deprivation and conflicts with the spring x-skiing season.  surveys were conducted from 1987 through 2012 (such a fool), when i decided i had had enough; thereby demonstrating the first hints of pragmatism in my life.  i have a b.s. in biology and an m.s. in wildlife conservation, both from the university of minnesota.  i am currently, gainfully employed as a public servant, which is a huge improvement over cleaning toilets at the holiday station in tofte.  life is good and i know it.



One response to “About

  • bernie engels

    This is bernard. You remember, your assistant from “89” who always packed heat when he ventured the woods after dark, so as not to be eaten by wolf or stomped by mooses.

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