in search of: piss and vinegar

it’s around here somewhere…maybe in the food pantry or in the dirty laundry basket, or under the clothes that should be in the dirty laundry basket.  regardless, it’s been misplaced…all that get up and go and vim and vigor…gone…and dammit, i miss it.

but then, i know it will return as soon as the acrid taste of 600 (+) km of surveys and 500 (+) stops leaves my system. 

as i’ve mentioned numerous times, what i am experiencing is wholly cyclic and something i’ve dealt with for the last 25 owl springs.  it’ll go away.

i hope. 

it’s the owler’s version of seasonal affective disorder.

plus, i have to develop my innate sense of disdain before the tourist season begins and in order to be completely disdainful, one must not be sad.    

lupine are poking through last year’s vegetative detritus and it won’t be long before all the things that i fogot to pick up before the first snowfall will be hidden by new growth and subsequently, run over by my lawnmower.  last year, i mowed my lawn twice.  

garlic is green and growing and several pieces of kale i overwintered under straw are pushing out new growth. 

if it can’t be winter, i guess it’s okay that it’s spring. 

i don’t sound very convincing, do i?


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