last call

right around 2300 last night, i had had enough.  enough of surveys for another year.  enough of weariness.  enough of reflection.  it was time to get on with the important thing in life like…i don’t know…reconciling my most recent rash of poor decisions.

i knew i should have bought chunky monkey.

actually, there are still around 10 miles i could survey, but with the rivers open and spring making its acoustic presence known, i would be fighting against the mother of all background noises.

next will be nest box checks and if the motivation returns,fixing the boxes that need fixing, all the while clamoring for the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.  

damn, that would be nice.

it was a good survey year.  only the first couple of nights were bereft of song.  it was cold, but being a nocturnal viking, i can deal with that.  i even had the unforseen experience of picking up a new boreal on friday night, the very night i wanted a spotless mind.

i need to shake things up.  i tried that yesterday, parking my car at the cascade river and riding the 10.2 miles into work.  at one point during my nefarious youth, my bicycle and i were inseparable. 30 years ago this summer, i pedaled from l.a. to st. paul, wondering the whole 2,394 miles, why i didn’t just get a ride with my brother.

feathers in the hat don’t mean as much upon reflection. 

 i think i’m at the point in life where i just need to find some new feathers.

owl feathers would be nice.


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One response to “last call

  • Jim

    I think you biked from LA because your infant nephew was a real pain in the ass…not much has changed in thirty years!!

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