bitching brings us together

the last thing i needed to see when i woke up this morning was the 2″ of fresh snow.  that and the empty ben and jerry’s ice cream container in the garbage, both of which decried excesses; one of nature and one suggesting poor self-control. 

i can live with the snow, but because i couldn’t put the spoon down last night, i have no ice cream today.

at work, everyone was bitching.  not about my presence in the building but about the weather.  democrats and republicans, rich and poor, gays and straights, enlightened (…ahem…) and the unenlightened…all were having a hard time coming to grips with the persistence of winter.   bad weather is the great unifier, like an fdr fireside chat or the mortar in donald’s trump impressive comb-over.

there is good though.  first, i was able to watch 2, game 7 quarterfinal games in the stanley cup.  second, the weather means i don’t even have to give owling a consideration, which is sometimes when i am at my owling best.  and finally, i feel closer to everyone.  like we are all brothers and sisters under the same, thatched, meteorological roof.

it’s a good feeling, but it’s all based on something i wish would just go away.


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