14 minutes of fame

my 15 minutes of fame will actually be 14 minutes and will occur in 7 minute increments for each of the two episodes of “cops” i star in. it hasn’t happened yet, but just you wait.

i am reveling in another non-owling night, with a low pressure system perched at our doorstep, eager to ruin another north shore week-end.  sleeping in this morning was a luxury, but it means i will work late tonight and well….doesn’t everyone just feel sorry for the owlman?

tomorrow, i will be participating in a local radio program called “northern gardening” where i hope i can talk about owls because really, that’s about all i know in life…owls and buffing the patina on my cynicism…and this lamp…and that’s all i know.

oh wait.  sorry.

the program’s topic will be tomatoes and the fact i am on truly shows what a vapid topic gardening on the north shore can be, given a growing season that lasts right around 29 hours.  truth be told, i can grow tomatoes but then, anyone can.  to me, the rewards come in early september when i am gearing up for the saw-whet migration and spend an entire week-end making several varieties of salsa, each without a recipe and each tasting different.  other than the chilli powder, i grow everything diced and juiced and peeled and roasted and otherwise thrown into the pot.  

…and…i like warm puppy noses.

as soon as the snow leaves our forested areas, i will begin to check some of the 101 nest boxes i still have in the woods.  2011 means i will have to perform maintenance on the boxes, or risk losing them to gravity or the feller-buncher because interestingly, the same landscapes in which i have placed the boxes because of their old forest characteristics, are inked for “forest management”…meaning the forest will be displaced by neat little rectangles, void of trees, save for aesthetic wildlife islands that are supposed to provide refuge from predators and rest during perilous migrations but that sadly, don’t protect wildlife from the people designing the management.  

come to think about it, i can’t wait to talk about tomatoes.


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