monkeys and owls

i spoke with my son today on the eve of his journey to costa rica, where for a week, he will accompany his mother on an avian, mercury toxicity study and salsa club sampling trek.  he didn’t seem overly excited, but that might just be a 13 year old’s bluster. i suggest that unlike northern minnesota where the greatest in-woods danger is running out of bug dope, there are actually animals that will eat tender flesh in the jungles of costa rica.

he mentioned there will be lots of monkeys and it was apparent his excitement hinged on observing and making contact with his primate relatives. 

“it’ll be like your cousin’s wedding last summer nikky,” i told him, “lots of noise and after a while, someone will start throwing feces.”

i can tell he is my son because the next 5 minutes of conversation revolved around monkeys and feces.

i am so proud of him.

i have just made the impulsive decision to head back up to the canadian border tonight so i can finish the last survey of my “second replicate.”  originally, i was going to do it tomorrow but the weather just came in and it is not looking promising because of a front arriving with rain and increasing winds.  wednesday and thursday are out because…i’ll be dipped… the stanley cup playoffs start and anyone who loves hockey knows the first round of the playoffs are the best.

given i am going on 5 hours of sleep, i know the journey home tonight will be fraught with peril and heavy eyelids.  i think i can tough it out, but the challenge comes right around 2230, when i  realize i still have half a route to go and my chocolate and coffee supplies are gone.

the best part of owl surveys remains, when the owl surveys are done.


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