that’s all i need

i don’t need much…snowy winters, owl song, warm puppy noses…and this lamp…snowy winters, owl song warm puppy noses, and this lamp…and that’s all i need.  

it must have been the power of positive thinking these past few nights.  first, i lamented the scarcity of moose and one appears on the road like a hooved poltergeist.  then, just as i was about to be lulled to distraction on my midnight stop last night, a boreal sang from the haunts where one hasn’t been heard in 9 years.   

in that location, i am sure the owl was singing for the owler to remind the latter that just because he hasn’t heard an owl, doesn’t mean one is not there.  

 but really, it’s been 9 years since i heard one in that landscape and of course, hearing one meant i mentally recycled the last 25 years in that location and stopped on 1991, the year a boreal owl ended up in a wood duck nest box which could only be accessed by crossing an open water wetland and fording its associated river, then hiking for days until finally, i could throw the ring into the fires of mordor.  

trust me…owler fantasies are the BEST!!!! 

the owl hung out for a couple of weeks, enticed a female into his den of inequity and then…just like the flood waters of spring…was gone.       

so last night’s fervored song on a mild april night made everything right in the world.   

tonight will mark my 5th survey night in a row and accordingly, i am a bit weary. 

snowy winters, owl song, warm puppy noses, and this lamp…and a little sleep…and that’s all i need.


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