the kid in the candy store

at one time, the kid (me) spent an inordinate amount of time in the candy store (north woods). it was an unusual candy store in that it was only open at night and despite the kids’ aversion to candy stores only open at night, he spent most of the years of his vigorous, enthusiastic youth searching for the best candy ever (boreal owl).

once he found the best candy, he also discovered some good candy (barred, great-horned, saw-whet, long-eared) that didn’t taste as good as the best candy, but was in the store so he sampled them anyways.  then he found some better candy (great gray, northern hawk owl) that wasn’t as good as the best candy, but was better than the good candy. 

after a while though, his zeal for candy meant that he suffered from many cavities (data collection) and the cavities took some of the fun out of his visits to the candy store but still, the candy was good and it helped the kid get his master’s degree and earn fame strange looks and fortune tolerance from the general public.

after a while, the kid became attached to the candy store and loved to spend time in it, even though in 2001, the candy store stocked less of the best and better candy, and started to rely just on the good candy.  the kid found that he didn’t like the taste of the good candy as much as he loved the taste of the best and better candy and so, he started to crave the best candy.  

he built new shelves (nest boxes) for the candy store and they helped return a brief taste of the best candy in 2006, but with each visit to the candy store, the kid found the diversity of the candy store was less and less and he found it more and more difficult to sample candy when the candy he loved wasn’t in the candy store any more.  

the good candy appears to be all that is left in the candy store now and while any candy is good candy, good candy isn’t as good as the better and best candy. 

the kid is a stubborn cuss though, and he still goes out to the candy store on most nights in march and april and hopes there will be candy because he still has to think about cavities.   

last night, there was no candy in the candy store at all. 

the kid must really like candy.  even good candy.


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