enough already!

the sight of the landscape cloaked in fresh snow is an affirming sight…in january.  now however, it seems an unnecessary intrusion, like the traffic cop who holds up traffic just because he knows he can.

winter, i cast thee out because you know what?  i don’t need you any more. 

oh and by the way, it’s mr. 1000 k to you. 

given the storm and its seasonal detour, i spent most of sunday watching woodpeckers jockey around the suet cakes. of course, having suet cakes out now is always a bit of a risk because the bears will soon be looking for a quick snack…or for the bear biologist that raised them by hand and gave them new age or patriot names like “spirit” and “freedom”….(owlman shakes his head, wondering “why didn’t i think of that?”).

when the storm passed and the landscape began to (again) lose its (charlie) sheen of white, i prepared for another survey last night.  there i was, all amped and ready to go when i decided….”i don’t think i want to survey tonight.”  so i didn’t.

watched hockey and then “heavy”.

then i got hungry so i started to eat because i am pretty certain my calling is to be morbidly obese.  in fact, my last visit to the clinic for a rhino virus follow-up, had me on the scale and the nurse scanning her bmi chart and stating, matter-of-factly…”wow owlman, you are obese.” 

but like any fat person, i feel like a ballerina inside.

now, when i go to the clinic, i don’t step on the scale and i don’t allow anyone but a real doctor to perform a digital rectal exam on me.

clinics scare me.

tonight i will be out on the back roads again, trying to survey along a major river where, in a week or so, the roar of springmelt will be overwhelming and owl song will be heard by the owls, but not the owler. 

take that winter.


mr. 1000 k


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