all i need is one channel

my turkey soup is delicious and yet…

i feel so dirty.

i ordered satellite tv.

i needed to do something positive for myself.  and tv was it.

no thai hookers, no bombay sapphire, no new skis.

i have had this debate numerous times before…usually just as winter sets in and the hallowed halls of my memory think of hockey and football and how those sports have vanished from my life.  so…

i also ordered nhl center ice.  40 games a week. 

which seems like way too much hockey.  and it isn’t just the hockey…

i also get the byu channel.   

distraction is all i seek.

and all that hockey won’t interfere with my skiing, as the 8 km i put in this afternoon on absolutely sucky trails will suggest.  last year, my first ski was on the 22nd of december.  this year, i’m already over 50 k.  i’m ahead of the game.

plus, i seem to be easily bored/unfocused since love got lost.

i think the byu channel will help me with that.

now,  if only the food network could taste my soup.


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