get off your asses, groomers of the sugarbush

it is now official:  there is enough snow to begin my ski-on festival.  a thousand k with 2 extra weeks to get busy except…

the bastards haven’t started rolling the trails down here on the sugarbush. 

i don’t know what they’re waiting for because surely, they can feel my nordic ju-ju from miles away. 

when it started to snow this afternoon, it did so with lake effect intensity…an inch in a half-hour.  then on my way home, it let up and lo and behold, the radar is showing most of the snow is gone. 

three to 6 inches my ass. 

the pincushion trails have been rolled and evidently, are setting up nice for skate skiing. 

out of the blue this morning, i received an e-mail from jim duncan, owler extraordaire from canada, author of books and many owl-type publications.  it was nice to hear from him, nicer that he axed  me about owl surveys and conflicting nighttime sounds.  i met jim in winnipeg in 1987, at the first international owl symposium…the same symposium where i was blessed with a case of nasty, projectile vomiting, food poisoning.  it took some of the fun out of the symposium, but also gave me my first case of owl fever.  

take that, you liberal arts bastards.


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