blue jay thugs

the blue jays are up to no good.

and always with their gang-like activity.

this morning, i watched as some of the jays dallied about a cavity in an aspen.  they perch at the hole, but have yet to enter it.  there is no pattern to their movements…they don’t inhale a flat of seeds or a flank of suet…no they just seem to visit like a roadside shrine.  

the bluejay nativity scene.

it is likely a cache, perhaps the squirrels have hidden their bounty in it, but so far, food does not seem to be a component of nefarious blue jay activity.  

pine and evening grosbeaks at the feeders and so, winter is nearly complete.  siskins are gone and redpolls yet to be seen.  need to ski.  need to feel the heart beat from exertion instead of it doing so because there is nothing better to do.

oh, and just so you know…i am not a birder.


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