15 yards for clipper

there is an alberta clipper coming and i couldn’t be happier.

snow for 5 hours then *poof*, it’s gone. 

you see…now i gots the nordic fever.  deer season is nearly over and when it is, grooming can begin.

not personal grooming.  no, i would never engage in that unending task.  but ski grooming on trails that extend forever and tickle every horizon. 

my goal has been set:  1000 km by the time the maple sap starts plopping into the tree urinals.  i think i can do it, despite a fall spent in full appreciation of my elastic waist, casual work pants.  more room for my “stress-filled days” depends in them…greater work productivity because more time is spent in the office and less coming to grips with my high fiber/high embarrassment diet.

“nope…that wasn’t me.”

the opportunity to ski by thanksgiving hasn’t presented itself since 2005.  back then though, we were talking extreme rock skiing.  this year, given the slop that fell last week, then the freeze, we may be looking at a severe case of nordic bliss.  i got the fever.

can you say “that’s what i’m talken about?”


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