silly siskins

snow sends swarming siskins seeking seed satiation.

it seems a bit of a let down…this 4 inches of snow. 

pretty, but disappointing. 

great base for skiing, once the groomers get off their asses and hit the trails. 

yesterday was spent stacking and covering wood and removing the detritus of my paltry existance from the yard where, if such steps were not taken, come january i would wonder what those bumps were under the snow.  i finished just as the heavy stuff started to fall and then sat in front of the jotul until i unceremoniously went to sleep at 8. 

that seems so wrong.

solar panels were covered with a crust of snow this morning and so i put on my flip-flops and scraped until most panels were free.  heavy clouds right now so mr. infra red will likely not have much of an impact on me today. 

flip-flops in 4 inches of snow.   

i don’t know what i was thinking.


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