sunny d(ay)

evidently, my decision to reveal the salacious side of my life has resulted in a two-fold increase in readership.

four people are now reading this blog.

that’s good, because i am all about voyeurism. 

and owls. 

it is a day off from the rigors of public service and my smarmy approach to life  is evidence thereof.  there is much i could do, but why do it on my day off when the week-end is looming like stomach cramps after a happy meal.

plus, there is a new container of stinging orbs on the table and the squirrels are getting brave.

now that’s entertainment!

if winter arrives, the first 3 weeks of skiing will be painful.  i have started walking and am beginning to mix in a bit of running, even though it is hard to distinguish the two when i am so engaged. 

yesterday, i received a letter from a citizen who was less than happy with my direct approach to problem solving.  i am not sure, but i don’t think it is physically possible to fit that appendage up my ass.  maybe after some wine and onion rings, but never upon demand.

silly bastard. 

any day the sun shines is a good day off the grid.  it is shining today.  full and unadulterated, with nary a blemish.  sam and moose are sprawled like sea lions on the couch.  lazy cats.

lazy cat owner.

shoulders have lost some of their slouch. 

come on snow. 


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