i think i have a better perspective now. time will do that for the downtrodden.

not that i’m downtrodden.  perhaps naive, perhaps dumb as a fencepost. 

nevertheless, i eagerly await my perspective if i turn 70. 

and just as george w. bush did when he got back up off the floor and finished watching the football game and eating his bag of pretzels, i will persevere. 

perspective, me boy.  that’s it. move forward.  unslump those shoulders. stay away from heroin and buffalo wings.

while lutsen mountains are pleased to announce the start of snow making, i am an enthusiastic believer that winter does not start with the advent of making artificial snow. that’s just wrong.

many rifles in the woods this morning.  many gunshots.  no  life flight yet.  it’s coming.  it has been my experience that at least once every hunting season, someone wanders onto my land with the look of exasperation.  most of the time it’s my neighbor, after a 24-box of miller light.  sometimes, it’s a lost hunter.

as an owl aside, i am trying to figure if i will continue with my spring surveys.  lotta work, little reward. 

story of my life.

after my public service was done yesterday, a couple of co-workers and i engaged in conversation, seasoned with several “bell’s two hearted ales”   🙂 .  we got into an interesting discussion about karma, collectively agreeing we were all on the debit side of karma’s audit.  good shit’s gonna happen.

but it always happens to someone else.


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