patience as a virtue

the last time nervous flatulence and owls were combined as a feature in my life was in 1996, on the occassion of my m.s. thesis defense.  i set the bar pretty high that year and blindly thought it would never be raised, until mrs. russ’ 5th grade class arrived at my house for an evening of owl banding last night.

braggard. shy. nervous. spontaneous. caustic. charming. sweet.  innocent. lamentable. irksome.


what is not to love about a fifth grader?

alas, their patience was rewarded with a lone saw-whet, which only pointed out how absolutely patient and unmanipulative i have become in my path to being a certified owler.  

i just wait and don’t really care if anything happens.  

perhaps i am avoiding something.   

the kids couldn’t wait however and so, as their caravan moved down the driveway, i was chagrined to find a long-eared in the nets.  i gathered it and ran after them, shouting “wait…i made expresso…” was going to entice with the owl but by then, they were on the highway, moving towards all cardinal directions. 

in 2008, a similar event occurred, but with boreal owls…the bastards.

and the cherubs.


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