tawdry, tinny, moonlight

someone turned off the switch…shut the owls down and reintroduced me to the monotony of owling. boredom. distractions. clock-watching tedium. 

but wait, wasn’t i just welcoming a break in the action?  wasn’t it just tuesday night that the winds picked up and i was able to sleep for a glorious 11 hours and forget all the woes of life, work, love and indecision? 

regrettably, that was me.

last night, i was joined by my nephew and his buddy, for what could have been a banner evening.  alas, the tinny moonlilght appears to have put a damper on owl migration.  i did, however, catch a long-eared owl which is, next to the boreal owl, my favorite owl to capture, band, and lament it’s skin-piercing abilities.

thursday’s fifth grade outing was postponed, due to winds..  i made the call in the afternoon, after hearing the robot-voiced forecasts from the nws. those fucking robots are teasing me; mocking me.  i know they are.

alas, night came and i had good conditions.  not many owls, but good conditions.  

if there is an “o” missing in any of my words, it’s my keyboard and not the keyboardist, damn you.  

someone at work asked me if “i am smarter than a five grader”.  

i don’t know.


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