the stomach ailment and winds arrived at different times and on different days, but they both left in the same way:  bellowing gusts of expired air.

my banding streak has ended and i have regrouped a bit, but i’ll deploy again tonight and see if i can tough it out for a couple more weeks.  this time of migration, one never knows what will happen and boredom shall soon be my nocturnal assistant. 

the subaru died at the dealer, which was some sort of sign of karma for what has been a karma-free zone the last week or so. 

she knows who she is. 

the north house stint is over and it was fun to engage the curious in an evening of owls.  some even got to experience the pleasures of owl talons, though i vowed i would never talk about that again. 

never again.

there are still several pushes in front of me, but none will come with an explanation point of owls.  more like a semi-colon or colon.

just like the winds.


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