chocolate funk

about half-way through my relatively unspectacular bout of banding last night,  i sensed that digestively, something was wrong.  my stomach began to roil and turn circles. 

i get excited when the owls are on the wing, but the only thing i can relate to this sudden onset of culinary crud was either the haralson apple i had eaten, or the chocolate, garnd marnier-soaked frosting atop a banana cake that someone was offloading at work. 

let me see…apple or cake?  i’m still not sure.

yet another evening of favorable weather, but it was slow.  ten owls in 3 hours which nearly equaled the nuber of times i had to run to the bathroom. 

not that intestinal peristalsis has anything to do with it.

my car, the subaru of my dreams, will implode soon.  it is inches away from sucking a valve and throwing it through the hood.  i had a vehicle lined up in grand marais, but this morning, the owner said he didn’t want to sell it. 


blog damnit. 

the fifth graders of sawtooth elementary will be in the house on thursday.  it is a fun experience and now, some of the original participants are in their senior year of high school. 

time flies when you’re having fun.


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