an owl’s talons, an owler’s tears

okay, so this won’t be as dramatic as the title would suggest.  in fact, i think this will be the last post dedicated to the pain the owls sometimes inflict on the innocent. 

this pain, however, was outstanding.

sharp.  immediate.  lasting. distracting.

you see, of all the owls and all the talons and all the nights spent in a lather of contentedness while exercising my right as a property owner with a persistent desire to hang with nocturnal predators, this footing took the cake.

it was the culmination of the right angle and the right application of foot pressure and the right soft, fleshy underside of my fingernail.  it ended with a talon well over a 1/4 inch under my fingernail.

well played, mr. saw-whet.

okay.  that was it.  no more talons.  

in this, the 8th year banding in my back yard, the current stretch of good weather is unprecedented.  tonight will be my 9th night in a row with nets open.  steady owls of late, but nothing that is “omfg” crazy.  

unseasonable. balmy.



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