tropical breezes

at this time of year, one would assume the gusty winds blowing all my plastic shopping bags into the lake would act as the harbinger for a bout of raw weather. 

not so. 

in fact, it was perilously close to being too warm for my lands end wardrobe today:  mock turtleneck.  (clean) fleece vest.  non-levis blue jeans clinging delicately to my child-bearing hips.  once again i dressed myself and once again, i sweated profusely all day long.

the stretch of favorable owl weather continues, though the winds will need to show some humility before i set up the nets tonight.  i am close to 400 owls already and with several more “pushes” (large owl movements) looming, am fairly confident i will top 600 and perhaps, even 700 birds this year.  

when it winds down, i am ready for it to do just that.   

this is the best time of the year, besides all the other best times of the year, like winter and winter and winter and a couple of days in early may. 

no moon.  incredible stars and planets and occassionally, northwest winds that mean what they say.


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