one owler two nets three nights 179 owls

okay, i had some help.  some extra hands on friday and saturday, qualified pencil technicians on two of the nights, fresh apple pie last night.  oh, and before i forget…thank you dave and anne and judy and john and joan for the above-mentioned contributions.  but mostly, joan for the apple pie.

the overwhelming nature of owl migration continued last night.  i think the cynicism/sarcasm readjustment  yesterday afternoon, achieved from the heights of mount oberg was good because upon darkness, i was busy enough that those two….ahhh…”tendencies” did not surface.  plus, there were 6  kids under the age of 8 with me  and whenever the owlman is able to spell out profanities for the adults, he is in full charge of his functions.  

the kids all got to see a saw-whet close up and got to look at an owl’s ear and got to exude youthful wonderment about something they had never seen before.  the older kids couldn’t quite make out why i was spelling out so many words.  

it was good because you gots to edumacate ’em while their still edumacatabel.

179 owls in three nights. many talon punctures and me with an afternoon of salsa and sauce making on tap.  i can tell you up front that garlic and onion and aji crystal peppers in a  puncture wound f-u-c-k-i-n-g hurts. 

at this point, i am running a long race.  i try to keep steady.  pace myself.  don’t worry about sleep.  eat healthy.  avoid intoxicating beverages.  laugh at life’s follies. emphasize real work.  ignore the neighbor that shot off 300 rounds yesterday.  revel in the fact payback is a bitch.  ignore all the yuppy bastards on the shore right now. don’t piss me off . enjoy the fact that on this little bowl of land, i am at the epicenter of biology at its finest. 

focus.  exhale.  enjoy the apple pie.


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