get in line for nothing else to do

if nothing else, the fall colors and autonomous trip to the top of mount oberg serves as the perfect petri dish for the reinvigoration of my sarcasm and cynicism. 

as of noon this afternoon, they have been revived. 

damn, i missed them.

there were so many people that the mandatory oberg lake and moose mountain overlooks were wait-in-line crowded, similar to the line in front of the world’s best donuts when word travels  that “they changed the grease.”  

there was the expected blend of outdoor and designer brand name outerwear, a curious mix of body odor and perfume,  and when a blue jean and unshaven gang of nefarious youth passed, i may as well have been at a bob marley concert.  

i also understand why lifeflight  has a red circle over oberg on its “places likely to induce a cardiac arrest on the north shore.”   and to think i made it to the top without my walking poles and cliff bars.

okay…i feel better now.  the onslaught of owls continued last night, but was halted by the passage of winds, right around 2300.  thirty eight more owls and now, i can officially say my hands are sensitive, which makes them the diametric opposite of me. 

i had a small group from north house folk school helping out, holding and making smarmy, laura erickson like comments about cuteness and endearment  and animal love and owl sadness.  they were having fun, so as a biologist, why would i want to correct them on the irreversible evils of anthropomorphisms? 

might be another big night tonight, but i don’t care.  like it matters.

thank you fall colors.


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