i couldn’t sleep.  too much coffee.  too many cerebral vectors. 

instead, i listened as the wind rocked my wind generator.   pulses from the arctic.  winter sending out a feeler to see if it’s okay to come home. 

then, the landscape went limp.  like a switch had been flipped.

0100 and i was setting up my nets.  at 0105, i was extracting a hy swet. 

“silly owler”, my voice of reason said.  “he’ll never learn.”

but much to my chagrin, there wasn’t an explosion of birds.  there were 6 over the next 2 hours, at which time sleeplessness lost its foothold.  

tonight now.  that’ll be a challenge. 

i think.


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i am cursed by nocturnal self-awareness. View all posts by borealbilly

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