hurrying up to wait

male saw-whet waiting for some booty.

the comma-shaped weather system is not as impressive or as forceful as it was a day ago, but it is still here and it is still sending squalls of rain and wind into my otherwise, sheltered existence. 

i’m getting antsy and it has nothing to do with wanting to try out my new princeton tec, apex pro headlamp (owlman recommended) or stinking up a new seasonal batch of fleece.  instead, it has everything to do with getting on the front side of an owl push, rather than smack dab in the middle of one.

one would think i could temper my anticipation, given the decades-plus sampling, but i can’t.  i am powerless over owls.  powerless over the night.  they own me and i am their bitch humble man servant. 

right now, the winds are still gusty and i am house bound.  when the weather breaks though it’ll be monumental. my fingers will bleed. my back will holler in complaint.  my batteries will need changing.  i will resort to non-nutritive food substitutes.  i will think about nothing other than getting owls out of the nets and back into the night without unnecessary delays.

that’s going to happen and i can’t wait, but dread when it does.

go figure.


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